primo appuntamento impianti dentali

1 Appointment

You can make an appointment by phoning the secretary of Centro Chirurgico  phone +39 011.913.72.00 – +39 011.913.88.85 – +39 011.913.93.50  and explaining your needs.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment by filling in the form online. You will be contacted to agree on the first available date.


visita specialistica dentista2 Dental visit

During the first visit, you will be addressed to the best suited specialist for your personal case: Centro Chirurgico is a MULTIPURPOSE Center that counts dentists specialized in various areas: dental implantology, restorative dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, gnathology, dental surgery, oral hygiene.

Both in the case of a functional implant surgery, either for all the other dental problems, you will be subjected to a full specialist visit and, in the case you don’t have one, to a radiological examination.


anamnesi per intervento implantologia funzionale

3 Medical history

Your referral specialist will perform a careful and thorough medical history, explaining how he intends to treat your specific case.

For a functional implant surgery, once the medical history has written, your case will be evaluated and discussed directly by Dr. Lorenzon that will show you how to intervene clinically for a specific solution.



preventivi personalizzati impianti dentali4 Quote

The consequent quote is the result of your customized solution.


interventi implantologia dentale5 Planning subsequent appointments and surgery

If accepted, the secretariat will fix all the necessary appointments for the preparation and the intervention.

In the case of a functional implant surgery you will be able to return immediately to chew and carry out your normal daily life.