The advantages of “functional implant”: mini invasiveness and immediate resumption of the masticatory function

At the present age Surgery uses such refined techniques that were not even imaginable only few years ago. It tries to be really low invasive and compliant with the patient’s base anatomy.

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Paradoxically, implantology, went the opposite direction, compared to the other and oldest specialties. For this reason, it was necessary to adapt the anatomic district to the medical surgical device and use techniques of regeneration and growth of the available bone amount. Invasiveness obviously raised, causing serious problems to patients undergoing long and painful treatments.

The monophasic transmucosal implantology fixes these problems. Because of a little trauma, the treatment brings out an immediate regain with no functional limits. Primary stability, obtained thanks to solidarization by circumferential sinterization, is the basic element to ensure the osteointegration of implants. Implanting system, obviously, is so far from the imitation concept of the shape of the natural tooth.

This occurrence, however, is common to any bioengineering solutions designed to create artificial organs. The common element is not the imitation of the form but the aim to recreate the function of the organ. An artificial heart, a kidney, a heart-lung machine for extracorporeal circulation, is built with the aim to reproduce the function of the organs they have to replace. This function performs in different ways, especially in relation with the required performances.

During normal gait, a disabled athlete will use a prosthesis that is different than the one required by limited performances such as running.

The chewing function often generates load conditions that borders the limit endurance of the stomatognathic system.

Functional Implantology creates a structure able to immediately support the chewing stresses to avoid the post-surgical problems to patient as much as possible.
The description and the aim of the functional implantology is the fast regain of function with the least inconvenience for patient.