Relationship between the Saint-Venant model and solidar implantology

Observing the model of S.V. it is possible to find in it all the elements constituting the typology of solidarized implantology.

 impianti dentali, protesi fissa, protesi dentale, impianti a vite, ortodonzia, intarsi in ceramica, implantologia a carico immediato
dental implants, fixed prosthesis, dental prosthesis, screw implants, orthodontics, ceramic inlays, immediate loading implantology

In particular, it is possible to know the stresses to which the model is subjected and the consequent behavior.
Observing the structure of our implant complexes it is clear that they are made up of functional sub-units (multiple bar systems) joined together until they get to replace an entire arch. This obviously constitutes a complex mechanical system with totally separate behavior and with completely different rules from those that apply to single-implant implantology.
It is obvious that the functional unit thus constituted cannot be modified by removing the bar. This eventuality brings to the conditions of the system constituted by the single pillars not connected.