Physioistology from osseointegration to physiointegration

This term defines the behavior of the bone-implant interface. The osseointegration, once obtained, is in fact the starting point of the work of the inserted structure. We can therefore define it as a “0” moment. Only the connection with the “abutement” and the consequent load on the part of the prosthesis, start all those processes that condition the life of the plant. We therefore introduce a dynamic view of the problem. Primary stability is an absolute condition for osteointegration to take place, or rather osteoanchylosis. Numerous studies indicate the tolerability threshold in 75-100 microns. This condition is essential for addressing cellular clones mediated by growth factors towards the osteoblastic and non-fibroblastic form.
Therefore, once the integration is achieved, we must ask ourselves the question of how the interface will work and how the metabolic balance of the bone will be conditioned. The goal is clearly to achieve and maintain the balance between anabolism and catabolism.