Numerous researchers including James, Listgrade and others have highlighted the presence of a desmosemic attack on the implant surface of the cells present in the periodontal groove. The orientation of the connected fibers is in functional angles to the surface of the plant. They are immersed in a mucopolisaccarica substance with adhesive power.

implantologia dentale, protesi ceramica, implantologia carico immediato, dentista
dental implantology, ceramic prosthesis, immediate loading implantology, dentist

At the level of the emergence of the implant we can therefore identify a structure that imitates the marginal periodontal seal.
The barrier effect thus obtained avoids the apical deepening of the plaque naturally present in the sulcus. The containment action is confirmed by Figure 7-6B
In it it is possible to observe the precise limit in which the plate is contained. In case of alteration of the physiological balance, the seal migrates apically reproducing the barrier function at the point of arrival of the bone lesion. Scintigraphy demonstrates that a physiointegrated implant does not alter the metabolic balance of all peri-implant tissues (bone and mucosa). The “pallonite” described by Zerosi is not an inflammatory phenomenon but a vicarious function that is silent. However, it is said as an expression of the presence of the layer of peri-implant polyglycans. Only the formation of the pericervical fusee lesion can induce the loss of the seal with apical migration. The deepening of the groove leads to an increase in the quantity of plaque that becomes a determining element of the worsening septic phenomena given by the loss of the marginal seal. Therefore the primary pathogenesis is not constituted by the bacterial charge present instead physiologically in the groove that is closed apically by the seal of the fibers.
For this phenomenon to occur, there must be an enlargement of the intracortical passage section. This is given solely by the biomechanical conditions to which the implant is subjected. The solidarization avoids the formation of the conoid lesion so that the peri-implantitis of the single element does not occur. Also the presence of the bar does not interfere with the mucosal trophism. In fact, there is no uptake of the scientigraphic examination. Maintaining solidarity does not interfere with the metabolic balance that is maintained with normal methods of hygiene on the part of the patient (see chapter Hygiene).