Dental implant complexes

From how much overexposed it appears clear that the implant complexes obtained with the intraoperative solidarization diverge in a decisive way from the models achieved with the “single-implants” implantology – They are not therefore to consider a variant of the canons but a totally new technology with operativity and parameters completely in its own right.

 impianti dentali, protesi fissa, protesi dentale, impianti a vite, ortodonzia, intarsi in ceramica, implantologia a carico immediato
dental implants, fixed prosthesis, dental prosthesis, screw implants, orthodontics, ceramic inlays, immediate loading implantology

The solidification of the systems by means of a bar through the welding process completely changes the obtained structural model. From a constructive point of view the bar is similar to the beam. This is a structural element in which one of the dimensions prevails over the other two. A mechanical system composed of mutually constrained beams is called “truss” or “frame”.

A fundamental characterization of the beams is defined on the basis of static behavior. “Pillars” are defined as those with normal stress behavior (direct on the prevailing axis.
In our case the plants behave as such. The connecting elements consist of beams that can have a bending, traction and compression behavior.
The welded bar constitutes the beam element in a complex system. The systems are the vertical load elements (pillars). The beams are of various types and differ in the constraints they contract with the other structures.