What is fluoroprophylaxis

FluoroprofilassiFluoroprophylaxis consists in the prevention of tooth decay through the use of fluoride, a mineral that favors the formation of an enamel more resistant to the acid attack of the bacterial plaque and that, if taken once the tooth has formed, protects it from plaque itself.

For this purpose, fluoride can be taken from pregnancy up to six years, using tablets available at the pharmacy, resulting in a reduction in the incidence of caries up to 80%.

Brushing your teeth with toothpastes containing fluoride is beneficial as this mineral penetrates into the more superficial layers of the enamel by binding to the calcium ions that form hydroxyapatite, so as to make them more resistant to flaking by plaque acids.

The topical applications on fluoride gel teeth are very effective, naturally on the advice of the dentist or professional hygienist, who has carefully evaluated the situation.