Do I have to continue or can stop taking drugs?

The “functional implant” surgery is minimally invasive surgery.
Many patients want to know if there are contraindications for dental implants compared to drugs taken regularly or if they have to follow a particular drug therapy. The functional implant does not require treatment and special medication before surgery. The patient should continue to take the usual medications (for example the pills for the control of pressure in hypertensive subjects).
The only obstacle in medication concerns anticoagulant therapy that needs to be modified appropriately.
The “Functional Implantology” is a minimally invasive surgery and, at the time, there were no cases of drug interactions with bisphosphonates.
For the cardiac patients with pacemakers, especially for the devices of old generation, it requires the assistance of a cardiologist during the operation so that the pacemaker is not potentially damaged by the welding process.

Dr. Lorenzon answers questions about functional implantology