Centro Chirurgico – dental clinic – has cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis, treatment and dental implants.
For example, Centro Chirurgico is equipped to carry out dental radiology examinations.
The purchase of a modern equipment CAT (computerized axial tomography) allows patients to carry out, directly and comfortably at Centro Chirurgico, prior assessment exams or after a dental implant surgery.

More information about immediate loading implantology

Dental implantology is the ensemble of surgical techniques aimed to the functional rehabilitation of a patient affected by full and partial edentulism.
The Surgical Center is leader in the immediate loading implantology.

The advantages of “functional implant”: mini invasiveness and immediate resumption of the masticatory function

Functional Implantology creates a structure able to immediately support the chewing stresses to avoid the post-surgical problems to patient as much as possible.

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