Centro Chirurgico

Centro Chirurgico: dental and multi-specialist center

Centro Chirurgico of Brandizzo is organized on different levels in a single building.

It has 10 modern offices available for different clinical needs. Another studio is well equipped for surgery and dental implant.

Centro Chirurgico was born as a dental center dedicated to Dental Implantology and Odontostomatology.

The experience of the professionals of the center covers many areas of specialization in the dental field.

The Surgical Center has internally all the radiological machinery necessary for diagnostics and the various post-operative checks. The availability of a 3D TAC equipment integrates with the traditional equipment for intraoral panoramic and radiographs.

Gnathology and postural analysis

A further diagnostic and therapeutic element is the kinesiographic and postural study that guides the patient’s rehabilitation in the various pre and post-operative phases.

Oral hygiene

A special study is dedicated to this aspect of dental health where the hygienist doctor personally follows each individual patient.

In addition to cleaning and hygiene, it is also possible to carry out dental whitening and desensitization operations.


Particular attention was paid to orthodontics. A dedicated study and the direct relationship with the specialist doctor allow the recovery of complex situations. The Surgical Center also has a large conference space, the creation of which was necessary to allow the dissemination and comparison of the various implant methods: in this space, refresher courses on the method of functional implantology were organized for constant updating of the operators.

Over the years Centro Chirurgico has been equipped and specialized to offer patients a range of services in other specializations.

Centro Chirurgico: dental and multi-specialist center
Centro Chirurgico: dental and multi-specialist center